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Urban Innovative Concepts is the experiential marketing and creative events management agency.

With UIC, your vision will be translated into engaging and unforgettable events that are carefully designed and catered to. Rather than a template solution for all, we believe in doing customized, perfect fits for each and every event that we work on. This means that although we have our own UIC style, we try to make every event special in itself and distinguished from one another.

Fancy, but it just tells you one thing – that we are the go-to people for creative solutions, whether it’s getting back to the basics of design, or making the leap into a full scale campaign, leaving a meaningful and memorable experience through our events management team.


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Urban Innovative Concepts, incepted as an EMC in 2004, began making waves with the likes of OCBC, ComfortDelGro, International Enterprise and many more before taking a recess in 2009.

In 2014, core members began the journey of re-establishing the company, molding it into one that broke away from the expectations of the average events management company. Now, UIC has grown to be a company known for our creative team and our reliable events management.

UIC welcomes like-minded talents to be part of this movement.



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Your One-stop Events Management Solution

At Urban Innovative Concepts, we pride ourselves on our ability to meet all your event needs. Other than Events Management and Production, UIC also provides other services like Guerilla Activation, Ambient Advertising, Design Consultancy and Digital Solutions.











We are able to provide you with an all rounded events management service because our internal team consists of people with vast experiences in different trades. The UIC team consists of members from AV companies, event companies, fabrication house, design agencies, PR agencies and advertising agencies. We believe this keeps our services well rounded and unlike other event companies.

Some of our latest portfolio of events management includes Estee Lauder’s D & D at Hard Rock Café, Hard Rock Café’s Retro Night, and the ACM fundraiser held at the Asian Civilization Museum.

Catering To Your Creative Needs

Have you ever worked with an event company that was unable to bring your envisioned events / shows to life? With urban Innovative Concepts, you can keep those worries at bay. With our talented and reliable team, all your creative needs will be catered to and we’ll help turn the events you’d previously only dreamed of into reality.

Some companies don’t have in-house designers and this may lead to time wastage due to the length of time it might take for artwork to be changed and extra costs incurred. At UIC, we have a team of in-house designers who have worked with an eclectic mix of accounts including the prestigious Bang and Olufsen, indie brand Fixie Haus and everyday Toblerone amongst others. Our talented team of designers possess the ability to realize your vision in ways that only others can dream of. If you can think it, they can draw it.

A Trustworthy Partnership

Some event companies unknowingly (or knowingly) hire subcontractors that might not be reliable and might ruin certain aspects of the show / event. This is because some companies are more profit oriented and prefer to simply hire the cheapest, fastest or easiest contractor they can collaborate with. With Urban Innovative Concepts, there is no risk of coming across this problem because with our many years of experience in this trade, we know the exact time and exact cost it takes to replace an item – even if your show is slated to start the next day. We never say No to replacing products that are delivered below sub standard. This is something we’re able to do because we’ve built up strong relations with our partners over the years and we are continually building new bridges with other people.

Due to our years of experience, you also won’t have to worry about your events not being set up on time. This is something that might happen with other companies who tend to work on idea that aren’t feasible and unplanned. With UIC, our team of reliable designers and event managers can promise you quality work finished within the allocated amount of time.

Additionally, with some companies, a lot of budgeting is being spent on unnecessary things, as certain account services tend to push for a set team of vendors when it comes to some products. Here at Urban Innovative, we have a dedicated team of client servicing staff that brain storm ideas from end user as a consumer, to end user as a client, considering all possible perspective before proposing a plan that reaps the best benefits. Almost 100% of shows managed by Urban Innovative Concepts have lead to an over whelming response on its primary objective and we believe it’s because we only work with the best kind of quality and never settle for less.



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If you’d like to enquire about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us on our contact form or by any of the other means below. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Adress: 2B Liang Seah Street Singapore 189023
Phone: +65 6837 0488
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